🔧 Token Utility and Economics

Token Information

TKB is TokenBot’s Ethereum-based membership utility and reward token. The following are its key features and utilities:
  • 🥇 VIP TokenBot Social Trading Access: Holding TKB tokens grants you access to the exclusive VIP TokenBot social trading community. It serves as your passport into this esteemed circle of traders.
  • 💧Liquidity Boost: Stake your Uniswap V3 LP and earn enticing daily APR rewards. It's a secure method to enhance your returns with TKB.
  • 🗳️Platform Governance: Be an active member of our decision-making processes. Stake your TKB tokens, propose funding schemes for algorithmic strategy enhancements, and have a say in our platform's general initiatives through the network's governance voting. Your voice matters in shaping the future of TokenBot.