Token Utility and Economics

Token Information

TKB is TokenBot’s membership utility token and has the following current and planned functions:
  • Copy Trading Network Access: Membership is required in order to utilize the TokenBot Network as a Provider or Consumer. To be considered a member of the TokenBot network you must maintain crypto wallet balance of at least 5,000 TKB.
  • TKB® Prime Access: Membership to TKB Prime, an all-access membership to the most advanced crypto trading strategies managed by TokenBot. TKB token holders who hold 50,000 TKB tokens in their crypto wallet connected to their TokenBot account will gain access to TKB Prime.
  • Reducing Trading Fees: Enables traders to pay 50% less in trading fees on TokenBot DEX, our decentralized perpetual futures exchange. By holding and using TKB tokens, traders can enjoy reduced trading fees, allowing them to maximize their trading profits.
  • Funding Proposals: TKB token holders who stake their tokens will have the ability to submit funding proposals for algorithmic strategy development subject to the network's governance voting process
  • DAO Governance: TKB token holders will be able to vote on funding proposals for algorithmic stratgies and the general platform initiatives of the TokenBot platform.