TokenBot Network

Web3 membership network for algorithmic copy trading.

What is the TokenBot Network?

TokenBot is a web3-based membership network for social copy trading, powered by TKB, our membership utility token. The TokenBot Network is a collection of digital investment communities with membership-based copy trading powered by TKB.
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Social Copy Trading Communities

The TokenBot Network is a self-governed decentralized network of investment communities connected through a centralized hub. Each community is self-governed, with its own set of rules and regulations. Community members can share and copy trades in real-time on Discord and Telegram.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Support

The TokenBot Network integrates with multiple crypto exchanges including Binance, OKX, and Bybit. Users can connect their API keys to the network to access trading signals from experienced traders and copy trades in real-time.

Tokenized Membership Access

To be considered a member of the TokenBot Network, users must maintain a crypto wallet balance of at least 5,000 TKB. This is what we call "tokenized membership access"

Subscription-based and Whitelisted Access Control

Traders can charge a subscription fee and control access via whitelists to their trading signals directly from the website.


The TokenBot Network provides a unique opportunity for crypto traders to share and learn from experienced traders in a decentralized and transparent environment. By connecting with the network, users can access valuable trading signals and potentially increase their returns in the crypto market.
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TokenBot® is not a registered broker, analyst, or investment advisor. TokenBot® has designed software to disseminate trading history from public APIs for informational purposes only. TokenBot is not making any recommendations and have no opinion regarding the information shared by our software.