Token Information

TKB is TokenBot’s membership utility token and has the following current and planned functions:
  • Holder Incentives: TKB token holders will be able to participate as a consumers of the network proportional to the amount of TKB held in your marketplace (exchange) wallet at the time of the trade execution.
  • Treasury Grant Proposals: TKB token holders who stake their tokens will have the ability to submit funding proposals for algorithmic strategy development subject to the network's governance voting process
  • Strategy Mining: Strategy providers will be eligible to receive airdropped TKB tokens through a trade mining program, rewarded based on a strategy's net volume output as defined above.
  • Governance: TKB token holders who stake their token will be able to participate and vote in the governance process of the platform. Through governance, users can influence and modify product features and key parameters of the TokenBot network. This will enable TKB token holders to influence the direction of the network's future development.


Net Balance Unit is defined as the amount TKB you will need to hold for every $1 USD of volume you wish to trade through the network.
Net Volume Unit is defined as the amount of TKB airdropped based on every $1 USD of volume copy traded by your strategy through the network.