Our Mission

Our mission is to build the largest open algorithmic trading network powered by the best and brightest independent quants and algorithmic traders.

Why we built TokenBot

  • Algorithmic IP ownership/reputation:
    • We believe algorithmic traders should have exclusive rights to their own code, host their own algorithms and not be subject to using off-the-shelf marketplaces to list their strategies.
  • Community monetization:
    • We believe algorithmic traders are content creators – and should own the relationship with their followers – and directly monetize their own communities.
  • Geographical KYC barriers:
    • We believe there is huge need in the crypto market to unify CEX liquidity due the walled-garden paradigm and competitive construct of crypto exchanges and their own corporate interests. Crypto traders live everywhere and communicate together as one of the most diverse social groups in the world. We feel the need remove the geographical barrier of the have/have-nots based on if your native country supported a particular exchange.