What is TokenBot?
TokenBot® is a tokenized cross-exchange liquidity trading network.

Network Overview

TokenBot is a tokenized blockchain-enabled network for algorithmic traders.
The TokenBot Network integrates with top centralized exchanges to enable cross-exchange copy trading for social trading communities.
The TokenBot DAO enables algo traders to submit grant proposals for funding of their strategies by the community.
TokenBot has built a network to connect the best and brightest quants and algo developers to the most liquid markets through a 99.99% uptime real-time trading engine available to anyone. The TokenBot network ecosystem consists of Providers, Consumers, Marketplaces, & Channels.

🤖 Providers

Providers are algorithmic investment strategies running in real-time on the network connected via API keys. Providers are able to use our network to provide online audiences with secure open or whitelisted access to their proprietary strategies with new or within a pre-existing paywall while removing the need to port their strategies to multiple exchanges. Providers are eligible to earn rewards in TKB based on the trading volumes generated by their strategies.
Net Volume Unit is defined as the amount of TKB airdropped based on every $1 USD of volume copy traded by your strategy through the network. The Net Volume Unit amount has not yet been determined.
Providers can publish their proprietary strategy from all supported exchanges which include: Phemex, BitMart, MEXC, Kraken, Huobi, Binance,, KuCoin, OKEx, LBank, Ascendex, Bitmex, FTX, ByBit, and BitGet.

📈 Consumers

Consumers are investors who have connected API keys to the network with the intention to follow a particular strategy. By being a consumer on the network you can mirror any trades published to the network proportional to your USDT wallet balance at any time. Consumers are required to hold or stake the network token (TKB) for access based on a Net Balance Unit of 1.
Net Balance Unit is defined as the amount of TKB you will need to hold for every $1 USD of volume you wish to mirror trade through the network. For example, if you want to mirror trade with $1000 USDT, you will need to be holding 1000 TKB in your exchange wallet. The Net Balance Unit is subject to change monthly based on overall network performance.
Consumers can only use API keys from network-supported exchanges that have listed TKB which currently includes Phemex, MEXC, and BitMart.

📊 Marketplaces

Marketplaces are centralized or decentralized exchanges with native support for the TokenBot network token. Marketplaces are required to list the network token in order for consumers to use their exchange for mirror trading activities with TokenBot.


Channels are social messaging groups where any provider's trades can be broadcasted from the network. Providers can control where their own trades are broadcasted by using the TokenBot software bots on Discord, Telegram, and Slack.


TokenBot® is not a registered broker, analyst, or investment advisor. TokenBot® has designed software to disseminate trading history from public APIs for informational purposes only. TokenBot is not making any recommendations and have no opinion regarding the information shared by our software.