TKB Prime

All-access token membership to the best performing algorithmic crypto trading bots.

🌟 TKB Prime: Elevate Your Algorithmic Crypto Trading Experience

Introducing TKB Prime, the ultimate all-access membership to the best performing algorithmic crypto trading bots by TokenBot. TKB Prime is meticulously designed for traders who aspire to elevate their trading game.

🏆 Exclusive Trading Strategies

With TKB Prime, you'll gain access to exclusive trading strategies that are not available to the general public. Our algorithmic trading team has rigorously back and forward-tested these strategies to generate daily realized returns with low drawdowns, even during the most volatile market conditions. Our team of experts has put in the hard work, so you don't have to.

📊 Track Record

Keep track of our monthly performance with the table below, showcasing our commitment to delivering consistent returns for TKB Prime users.
P&L (%)
Apr 2023
Mar 2023
Feb 2023
Jan 2023
For real-time updates on our performance, click the following link:

📈 Current Trading Strategies in TKB Prime:


💰 Maximize Returns, Minimize Risk

Our strategies are designed to help you maximize your returns while minimizing your risk. Each trading strategy included in TKB Prime has been carefully curated by the TokenBot team to ensure that it meets our strict standards for performance and risk management.

🔐 Activation Requirements

To activate TKB Prime, you will need to hold 50,000 $TKB tokens in your crypto wallet connected to your TokenBot account. This ensures that only serious traders who are invested in the TokenBot ecosystem have access to these advanced strategies.

⚙️ Setting up TKB Prime in Your TokenBot Account

Follow these simple steps to set up TKB Prime in your TokenBot account:
  1. 1.
    Sign up at
    • Visit and register for a new account using your email address.
  2. 2.
    Activate your TKB Prime subscription
    • Deposit 50,000 TKB tokens in your crypto wallet to activate your TKB Prime subscription.
    • Navigate to the TokenBot dashboard and click "Connect Wallet" to link your wallet and activate your subscription.
  3. 3.
    Create sub-accounts and API keys on your crypto exchange
    • Log in to your preferred crypto exchange and create 5 sub-accounts.
    • Generate an API Key for each sub-account and deposit USDT in each one.
  4. 4.
    Add API keys to your TokenBot account
    • Go to your TokenBot account and add each sub-account API key.
    • Make sure you grant futures trading privileges for each API key.
    • Use our IP addresses to whitelist usage of the API Key for TokenBot only.
  5. 5.
    Assign TKB Prime strategies to your API keys
    • Choose a TKB Prime strategy and assign it to one of your API keys.
    • Repeat this process until all API keys have a corresponding TKB Prime strategy assigned.
For real-time updates on our performance, click the following link:
Note: TKB® Prime is not a guarantee for profits, past performance does not guarantee future results and is subject to market conditions and the performance of the strategies. As always, it's important to do your own research and consider your own risk tolerance before making any investment decisions.