TokenBot® is a cross-exchange liquidity trading engine that connects algorithmic traders to all participating exchanges. We are building a network that connects algo makers on exchange A to liquidity markets from exchange A through Z.
TokenBot® is a platform that bridges the gap between expert and novice traders, allowing you to discover, follow and copy trades made by leading algorithms and/or expert human traders from all over the world.
TokenBot® is not just a copy-trading platform, We are also a community of traders and investors where you can connect and interact with like-minded traders. Expand your trading circle and chat with some of the top traders in the world to discuss strategies and techniques that will help you become a better trader.
Learn & Discover
Instantly learn and follow the most advanced technical and algorithmic traders.
Social Trading
Automatically watch trades in real-time and copy to your brokerage account.
Secure and Encrypted
We never have access to your funds. Your API keys are 256-bit encrypted and stored safely in our data-center.
Supercharge your trading community.
TokenBot® is a membership platform for social trading communities.
Real-Time Alerts
TokenBot® will monitor your exchange account and automatically notify members with details about your trading activity in real-time.
Social Trading
Connect your exchanges and share your trades in real-time with members. Members will have the option to copy your trades automatically.