Create API Key for ByBit for use with TokenBot®.
Go to ByBit
Log in or create a new account on
Follow to API
To create/manage your Bybit API keys, API users may click onto the top right of the main page: 'Username' > 'Account & Security', and then select onto >API Management
In this section, API users can either create/add or delete your API Keys with the following actions:
Choose to Bind to a Third-Party Application
Select TokenBot® as the Third-Party Application, Choose Orders & Positions as Key Permission and leave Read-Only unchecked. Proceed to enter your Google authenticator 2FA code before you click on “Confirm”
Add ByBit API to TokenBot
Don't change the key settings. Be sure to copy your API Key & Secret key, you'll only get to see your secret key once.
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